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Brad Harrison

Key Signatures - Everything You Need to Know in 6 minutes

This video explains what a key signature is, how it they work, the patterns that they are based on, and a a brilliant device to remember all of them!

Brad launched his YouTube career in October 2018. His channel is focused on music theory, practice techniques, and other peculiarities of music. Go to his channel here!

Major Scales - Everything You Need to Know in 7 minutes

Learning to write major scales can be tricky at first. But all major scales are built using just few simple rules. Learn them all, as well as how to avoid a few common mistakes, with this quick visual explanation.

Minor Scales - Everything You Need To Know In 7 minutes

Minor scales are directly related to major scales, with a few extra rules. Like a lot of things, they're easy when you know how.


Concert Pitch and Transposing Instruments - Everything You Need to Know in 7 Minutes

Why is a "C" on the piano different from a "C" on the trumpet, alto sax, or the English horn? It all has to do with transposition.

Intervals: Part I - Half of Everything You Need To Know In 7 Minutes

Intervals are a measurement of the distance between two notes. This video explains how to determine the number of an interval as well as the quality of most intervals up to an octave.

Intervals: Part II - The Other Half of Everything You Need To Know In 8 Minutes

As a follow up to Part I which covers the basics of counting intervals as well as the qualities of most intervals up to an octave....

Part II covers intervals larger than an octave, how to identify intervals based on odd roots, and inversions(which explains why some intervals are major and some are perfect).

Muscle memory and incremental improvement can yield incredible results in shockingly short amounts of time. Harness their power with this practice technique.

This is a play along companion video to the technique laid out in this video -

Actual playing time is only 10 minutes but a bit of rest between exercises to establish tempo brings up the total practice time a bit.

How To Play 3000% Faster - Play along

How To Play 3000% Faster in 10 Minutes

Note Naming - Everything You Need To Know In 9 Minutes

One of the most important skills in learning to read and write music is note naming. It’s not unlike when you were learning to read and write. You had to learn the alphabet. The musical alphabet is a bit simpler because it’s only 7 letters long.

This video covers note naming on the piano keyboard, clefs(treble, alto, and bass), how to name notes on all those clefs, and a few other special cases regarding accidentals.

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